Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 9

The road to Sevenoaks, with many orchids on the verge.

In which we start where we stopped on Day 8, the Number 10 Bed and Breakfast in Swanley.

Where we go

  1. Eynsford “Lido”, and the tea shop
  2. The viaduct, on the way to Lullingstone
  3. St Edith’s Well, Kemsing

Topics, stories

  • The pleasure of meeting strangers on the way and talking
  • The abundance of orchids on the road to Shoreham
  • Whether an unsighted person would get any joy from joining this Desktop Pilgrimage (Google Streetview is strictly visual)
  • The strange coincidence that Mary Monro (Day 8’s guest) should happen to know somebody who lives right here at Eynsford (Erica, today’s guest).
  • The pleasure of not having a clue what Erica “does”.
  • What it’s like for Erica to join the Desktop Pilgrimage without knowing us.
  • What it’s like to walk the road to Shoreham by night (as Erica does, with friends)
  • The appeal of Lindisfarne, not only to “the people of St Cuthbert”
  • What Saint Edith did, when King Canute had her body dug up

Photos (highlights)

Video (today in full)

My favourite bit starts at 17 mins. Second-favourite bit is about St Edith, near the end, approx 36 mins 30 secs.


Weather report (real world)

Sunny. Really quite warm/hottish.

Up next

+From Kemsing to Badgells Wood Campsite

Every weekday in April, 14.30 to 15.15 UK time

Participants: get in touch to join me “on camera” (via Zoom). This would be a lot more fun. Don’t be shy.