Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 8

The journey starts where we stopped on Day 7, The Wrong Un pub, in Bexleyheath.

Where we go

  1. the M25
  2. quite a few suburban back-roads
  3. a pathway between fields, with horses
  4. a Bed & Breakfast in Swanley

Topics, stories

  • The author Mary Monro tells us how she recreated the 1200-mile journey her father had taken in China, during WW2, and turned it into this book.

Video (highlight)

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Photo (highlights)

Though there were long stretches of “walking” through suburbs and along A-roads, this was the day we crossed the M25 and felt we had really encountered countryside.


Weather report (real world)

Sunny. Mild.

Up next

Swanley to Lullingstone Roman Villa and chapel, then Eynsford

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