John-Paul Flintoff Homepage

Hello, welcome. Good of you to pop in. I’m John-Paul.

John-Paul Flintoff, painting on Hampstead Heath

I write, I speak, I draw. Sometimes I write about speaking, or speak about drawing – and so on.

When not stuck into my own projects, I work with others on the same things.

Courses You Can Do With Me

Get Your Book Done – Fast

You may have dreamed for a long time about writing a book – but never done it, precisely because it is a … keep reading

Turn One Sheet Of Paper Into A Book Ongoing

Weekly, live 60-min webinars. Ends December

Turn Family Story To Heirloom

Create a beautiful, heartfelt Xmas present

Sketching, To Beat Writer’s Block

How to 'see' what was previously blank

Write Your Best Emails In 30 Days Starts January 2023

Join others, with twice-weekly support

Silence Your Inner Critic
Starts January 2023

Sketch: showing my inner critic
This is me, with mine

Crash Course In Rhetoric Coming soon

Nice people use rhetoric too

Impro For Storytellers Coming soon

Let the stories flow, instantly

Think Like A Journalist Coming soon

25 rough hand sketched head and shoulders images in shades of grey
So many ways to find readers

Adequate To Excellent Public Speaking Coming soon

John-Paul Flintoff, speaker
Five part course, based on my 2021 book.