Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 16

In which we started where we stopped on Day 15, in Faversham.

Where we went

  1. through more peaceful landscape than yesterday, by going sideways instead of on the main road
  2. to Chartham, where Rupert Sheldrake took his godson, as he tells in his book (from which I read aloud)


Topics, stories

  • David read a poem he wrote the night before, addressed to St Thomas a Becket:

  • Entering Canterbury, we had a conversation about faith, and how even talking about it can be difficult
  • How to get home?


What others thought of it

— asdfasdf


Weather report (real world)

Quite warm today.

What next?

That’s it! “The End.”

But I did talk about how I might use the experience, the stories shared, the stories of the individuals. I joked that it might make a book, if only for me.

And immediately afterwards, looking for something else, I stumbled on the website of a man who does walks, with real-life and online companions, and turns them into books.

Watch this space