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Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 1

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I’d planned to do an actual, physical pilgrimage last year, only to find myself locked down because of Covid-19. I tried to do it virtually, but it was too hastily put together, and didn’t really work properly.

A year later, I am doing it again – going live on Facebook every weekday in April, apart from Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Today, I describe what this is all about, to the award-winning author Alice Jolly. (There are tech problems at the start, but I keep talking.)

Where we travel

  1. The Mosque and Islamic Centre of Brent, where I was warmly welcomed, but where I also witnessed unpleasantness (starts at around to 15 mins 15 seconds in the video below);
  2. St Mary’s Church, Willesden, a suburban church with a surprising 1000-year+ history (30 mins 48 secs).

Topic, stories

The video

NOTE: I shouldn’t have indicated which flat the unpleasantness came from. Forgive me, and please forget it, because even if it was the right one, the people involved might have moved on long ago.


Up next

From Willesden to North Kensington via Grenfell Tower

Spectators: this is live on Facebook every weekday in April, 14.30 to 15.15pm UK time.
Participants: get in touch if you’d like to join me “on camera” (via Zoom). This would be a lot more fun. Don’t be shy.

Posted: April 1, 2021

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