Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 7

In which we start where we stopped on Day 6, Well Hall Road in Eltham.

Where we go

  1. Oxleas Wood
  2. Welling, a conurbation on the old Roman road
  3. Danson Park, where we were plunged into January, and went looking for a dog.
  4. Kaspa’s Desserts, which had sounded so good, but proved to be a disappointment.
  5. Bexley Bikes. We looked around at the photos that have been uploaded.
  6. The Wrong Un, a Weatherspoon pub, where the crockery looks like Spode.

Topics, stories

Photo (highlights)

We walked into the park, and against the low sun of January we saw a dog running about. We clicked all over the park to see it from other angles, as we were curious to identify the breed.

Eventually we found another dog, which looked as if it had been badly photoshopped into Google Streetview. We speculated on whether Google might employ people to do such a thing.

And finally we achieved a close up of the dog we had first spotted.

Some kind of setter, we think…?

The picture at the top of this page shows our satisfaction as we finally lay eyes on this elusive hound.

We carried on, and I mentioned my interest in the use of parables as stories, used in Sufi and Christian traditions to baffle and provoke discussion.

Steve C mentioned the similar function of Buddhist koans. And as we were discussing this, we reached one of the destinations we had set in advance, Kaspa’s Desserts.

Alas, this turned out (as far as we can tell) not actually to exist after all, and can be regarded as a kind of baffling, frustrating koan in its own right.

Kaspa’s: Does it even really exist?

Bexley Bikes, which would appear to be an independent

Looking for other independent stores


Weather report (real world)

Sunny. Mild.

Up next

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