Why Make Your Own Books?

Hello! Thanks for popping into this page. It contains an assortment of ideas, photos, videos and bits of writing I’ve done on making my own books.

Why Make Your Own Books?

These hand-made books contain pages made out of brown paper bags and envelopes from the bank and the tax office.

The covers are made of a wallpaper sample and brown corduroy from a pair of my old trousers.

The printed endpaper is made from a stamp that I carved into a children’s eraser.

Satisfied Customers (Eventually)

Handmade Jane's picture of Kathryn at Selfridges After my recent book-making demonstrations at Selfridges, I got some feedback that gave me pause for thought.

Kavita Kapoor attended the class with Jesse Chan-Norris, expecting to be shown some very finished books…

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Sew Your Own: the pop-up book

As a keen book maker, I have become increasingly interested in how physical books are different from ebooks, and one of the best examples of that is the pop-up.

Handmade Sew Your Own fully open
Handmade Sew…

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A Tiny Book Of Big Ideas

Tiny book of Wigtown resolutions

I recently finished writing a book on How To Change The World, and gave a talk immediately afterwards,…

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Extended Concertina Book: 24-sides from one sheet of A4, plus box.
(Click to see close up.)

Instagram, Outstagram

For the last 24 hours, I’ve kept my phone, iPad and computer turned off, and shut away in my office. I was feeling horribly overwhelmed, as I often am – sick of social media, and everything digital. I’ve been playing with bits of…

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Take Your Work With You Everywhere

When I’m working on a new book, I like to print it off and carry it around with me, to experience as a book as early as possible.

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What to do with Work In Progress?

Used a Filofax holepunch on loose sketches, notes, to-do lists and old diary pages – then stitched it all together as a “book”.

(This type of stitch is called Japanese stab binding.)

What do you do with yours?

Why hand-made matters

A few years ago, I made a decision: I would never again buy anything “cheap” if I could help it. In other words, I would buy less than I had bought in the past, but it would all be good quality.

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A Word About Typewriters

My friend Peta sent a link to a story on a blog. It was about the importance of sharing your work. And that post had a link in it that sent me to another story on the same blog, describing:

small groups of writers, often…

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A Secret Page

This request came to me by email this week – by an extraordinary coincidence, because I have only…

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Handmade Handouts

Recently, instead of distributing boring sheets of A4 after a talk – I made a one-off, mini-booklet (still using just one sheet of A4).

I drew it by hand, scanned and copied it, then slightly customised each one, using coloured pens.

Book Made for A Certain Young Person

I’ve been going through some of the dozens and dozens of little handmade books I’ve made, to see if I can impose any order on them. This is one of them.