A Word About Typewriters

My friend Peta sent a link to a story on a blog. It was about the importance of sharing your work. And that post had a link in it that sent me to another story on the same blog, describing:

small groups of writers, often without professional training, who would produce individual articles, pamphlets, or magazines mailed to all other members of the association; in other words, a progenitor of subscription-based blogging
— Maria Popova

These small groups of writers called themselves the The United Amateur Press Association.

After a year of lockdown, I absolutely love the idea of analogue blogging. I am going to dig out my old typewriter and type something, and send it to three other people. Just three.

[read: the last journalist to file typewritten copy to The Sunday Times? ]

I hope that if you are reading this you might be willing to reciprocate. Or to “pay it forward” by taking up my challenge with somebody else. Just three recipients, and one of them can be me. If you want my postal address, please send me an email.