Book Made for A Certain Young Person

I’ve been going through some of the dozens and dozens of little handmade books I’ve made, to see if I can impose any order on them. This is one of them.

I don’t remember exactly when I made it, but I do remember sticking wildflowers inside it with somebody who was considerably younger than 18 at the time, as she is now. I’m guessing… 2008?

Inner pages comprise relatively heavy art paper (200 GSM, again, a guess), pre-painted with watercolours, and on some pages subsequently illustrated with wax crayons, all stitched together by me using cotton thread.

Wildflowers were stuck into the book at the time of walking around and picking them (sorry about that, but wasn’t anything exotic) using a pocket-sized roll of sellotape.

Cover is made of bits of cardboard, Pritt-Stick, packing tape, and off-cuts from someone else’s blouse trim and my own checked shirt.

Not at all sure how to go about compiling a catalogue of these things. Advice welcome.

Thanks for looking.