Michael Gilmore on Interview Club

Michael Gilmore set up the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards to recognise people all over the world working to raise financial awareness.

As with many award schemes, the idea is to showcase best practice so that others can learn from it.

After a very short time, the awards have become a big success, and started attracting a LOT of entries.

Michael decided it would be helpful if entrants were to submit a short video – two minutes or less – describing their work.

But of course many people don’t enjoy making videos.

Including, as it turns out, Michael himself.

Rather than record himself talking into the void, and feeling weird, Michael came along to Interview Club. I talked to him for about 8 minutes, asking a few questions but mostly keeping quiet.

There were a few false starts, but it doesn’t take long to cut them out. And because Michael was talking to me (a real person, actually interested) he looked wonderfully natural – as you can see yourself: