For people who already know they want to do one of my public speaking courses

Venue: Soho, London. 29 Feb, 10am to 4pm

You can save 50% if you are quick.

Full 18hr training. /// Includes prompts + downloads, a private online group, and several hours in person in Soho, London, 29 Feb 2024 /// From the author of A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech and How To Change The World (er, me).

Watch this video to see how you can get the discount:

FOR CONTEXT: This time last year, I ran a similar in-person course and charged £1,000.

One participant paid full price, others were invited to offer what they could afford. (They all knew about this arrangement.)

PRICE RESET: This leap year, on 29 Feb, I’m running the course at the same price as four years ago.

So you’re already saving.

But this time I wanted to try a different way to make it affordable to people who can’t pay the full price.

If you’re already keen, you get a bigger discount than if you wait a bit to be persuaded.

This 50% discount runs out in a couple of days (midnight UK, 22 Feb).

After that, there will be a smaller discount. That too will run out. Then a smaller still discount. And finally there will only be the full price.


On 29 Feb we’ll meet in Soho, London.

It will be good, and it will be fun. Any questions, please ask.

Don’t miss your chance.