Interview Club | For Funding and Awards

Do you sometimes get requests for a short video to explain the work you’re doing?

This kind of thing:

In 2 minutes or less, tell us what makes your project special. If you have already prepared a pitch video, please feel free to upload that here.

If you can show us examples of your project in action, that would be wonderful, but if you are just able to film yourself talking to your phone, that will be great too! We have left this entry optional, but we highly recommend you use it. It will get scored, and that score will count.

If you over-run, there is a chance judges will disqualify your entry. Maximum file size is 250MB.


In 300 words or less, tell us what makes your project special, this time just in words.

This could be the same text as your video voice-over, but it doesn’t have to be. Please make this the strongest possible argument for your project: who it helps, how it helps them, why you believe this is the best thing you can do with your time and efforts.

This is a vital stage of the judging process, so please make this strong.

This specific example is from an awards scheme to honour people teaching financial literacy.

My friend Michael Gilmore set up the awards to encourage more and better teaching, all over the world.

I had told Michael about Interview Club.

He thought applicants might benefit from a little primer/teaser video on “speaking to camera as though being interviewed”.


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