Interview Club | First, Record a Conversation

The first trial session of Interview Club took place yesterday evening. I recorded it, and this morning less than two hours ago I looked at the video.

From the whole session, I extracted the 7 minutes and 46 seconds in which I interviewed one of the participants, David H, on a topic of his choice.

You don’t need to watch the full-length interview, because (quite naturally) it’s a bit rambling, a bit stop and start. But this short clip gives a sense of it:

Having extracted that clip, I uploaded the audio file to an AI transcription thingy. The transcript was not particularly good, but it helped me to find the bits that seemed most powerful in what David said:

David H on Poetry AI transcript with highlights.jpg
The green highlights are what I wanted to keep. Everything else could go.

Then I used QuickTime, a simple movie player / editor that comes as standard on my iMac, to cut a much shorter video, based on those green highlights:

Finally, I uploaded the shorter video to Instagram, where I made a Reel with added captions and a sticker showing David’s poetry group.

In case you’re wondering, I made the Reel and saved it to my phone without needing to publish it anywhere. Here it is:

NOTE: The venue indicated in that sticker is no longer correct, David says.

I hope you found this useful. Thank you David for allowing me to share this.


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