Double Experiment | Drawing + Screen share

I drew something really quickly on my walk with Peanut this morning – just an outline, in black pen.

I realised I’d used a pen that isn’t water-fast. If I added colour that was wet – and I like wet colour, because it tends to be more saturated – that would make the black lines bleed all over and make a mess.

What to do?

Well I’ve noticed another “problem” recently, which is that the colouring pens I bought from Cass Art are so wet they actually penetrate through the paper onto the following page.

Perhaps I could use those to colour the picture from behind? Then add something dry on top (eg, wax crayons)?

That’s what I did.


At the same time, I decided to make a screen share video using something called Loom. I’ve received a couple of Looms recently from others, and wanted to try it.

As far as I can tell, Loom liberates me from having to save recordings and upload them to YouTube and then post them here. If you view this, and feel like leaving a comment – well, be my guest. I have left a comment for myself already…


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