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Best For A Heartwarming House Gift
Emma Burns was thrilled. The managing director of Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, one of the world’s leading interior design companies, oozed enthusiasm when she saw the picture she’d commissioned of her home interior. And when she moved, she had a lasting memory of her beloved former property. What better house-warming present can there be?
- “All The Home Services You Could Ever Need”, by Caroline Phillips

How It Works


Decide if you would like me to draw an interior or an exterior. This could be of your home or a wider area (see examples below).

If you can’t decide, send me a photo, or several photos, and I’ll give you some ideas.


Measure your walls to see what size suits your space. Standard size artworks are A4 to A3. Anything larger counts as Extra Large.


We’ll discuss if you’d like the artwork to be landscape or portrait, where you will put it, and how you’d like the picture to work within that space.


I can work with colours to suit your interior space. Send me photos of furniture, walls and accessories. Or feel free to choose any colours you like.

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  1. Childhood Home, Los Angeles: my client provided family photos, and I studied images from Google Street View today. The underpainting is red, to give the picture warmth.
  2. Family Home, London. My client wanted a picture of the front of her house, and asked me to include her beloved family pet.
  3. Charity HQ, London: My client, a charity, is based in this former home. They asked for a light, airy image.
  4. Framed Landscape: My client asked me to make her a painting – to surprise her. I knew she liked landscapes, and religious images.
  5. Family Home, London. Commissioned as a present for the woman who has lived here for many years.
  6. I sometimes also draw people.
  7. And pets!

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“Thank you for my picture. I will treasure it.”
- Ms K.D., company director

“A thousands thanks. What a touching and moving image of my old house. It meant an awful lot to me, and my siblings with whom I shared it.”
– Ms A.K., ceo

Wonderful. I’m looking forward to hanging it on the wall.”
- Ms E.W.

“It’s giving me so much pleasure enjoying your gorgeous interpretation of our back garden. X has just seen it and enthused beyond enthusing, saying that is so cute so cute so cute.”
– Ms C.P., writer

I love the picture. It will be hung with pride and happy memories.”
– Ms C.S.

“I love it. so delicate and yet so confident. I have a special place for it.”
– Ms J.R.

“Wow – JP – that is so lovely!”
- Ms E.D., interior designer

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