“All Points North, Simon Armitage”

All Points North, by Simon Armitage. I interviewed him about this book. Original photo on the book's cover by Martin Parr.

I’m gradually adding to my collection of drawings (by me) of books I particularly like.

When I was a little boy, or rather a journalist in my 20s, I suggested myself for a writing assignment in The Daily Telegraph: as a man from Down South I would travel to Yorkshire to interview Armitage about his book on being a Northerner.

The arts editor said yes, and off I went.

Can’t remember much about it except that when I arrived I told Armitage (who I admire/d very much) that I had a list of questions. I put them on the table beside me.

Whereupon he pretended to reach into his bag and said he had a list of answers.

It wasn’t done unkindly but I did feel like a bit of a chump; and never afterwards turned up with set questions. Instead, I tried to listen and create a real conversation.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. Drawings of favourite books… I should say that the photo on the book’s cover was taken by the great Martin Parr.

Digital sketch on iPad.