25 Pictures for 25 Years

Today is the 25th anniversary of my wedding. I’m very happy about that.

To celebrate, I’m sharing 25 illustrations of the area where we have lived most of our life together: Childs Hill, in north-west London.

The first 25 people to get in touch can have an A5 art print of any of the pictures lower down this page.

If you buy before midnight on Friday 9 Dec 2022, I’ll send at no charge a limited edition A6 illustrated booklet – latest in an occasional series of booklets I make for patrons of my Adequate Projects.

A previous booklet in the series.

AND I’ll give you three months free membership of Adequate Projects, starting in January.

(I should explain: the Friday night deadline is so that I know how much I can spend this weekend on a present for my wife.)

25 Pictures for 25 Years

Most are portrait format. Scroll down for the remainder in square and landscape format.

Buy Now

To be sure you are among the first 25 people, please pay using this link. As soon as I receive confirmation I will contact you to ask which individual image you would like as an archival A5 giclee print. (There are multiple copies of each one.)

Note: I’m charging a flat rate of £5 for postage worldwide.

Offer closed now, sorry!