Snow Coming To North West London

Pink clouds over NW London last night. I didn't know they were carrying snow.

Report today in The Bookseller: median income for writers is £7000/year.

Makes sense to me. My own income from writing plummeted after I left:
a) employment on the Financial Times (voluntarily) and
b) a writing contract on the Sunday Times (not).

Being self-employed can be very stressful. Panic about money was one of the triggers of my breakdown.

It’s tempting to say, “Oh, I shouldn’t make a fuss because other people have it worse.”

Plus, admitting to money worries brings up feelings of shame, so it’s tempting to say nothing at all.

But if you’re worried, you’re worried.
Don’t bottle it up.
Talk to somebody.

It needn’t be someone you know.

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