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Members get discounts, perks, and the teeny tiny thrill of supporting my Adequate Projects.

What You Get When You Join

Hello potential member!

Join as a yearly or lifetime member for immediate access to:

  1. Members-only livestreams, where I talk about what I’m working on without all the hoopla of “performing” for a wider public audience.
  2. Regular “office hours” slots, to share what’s going on (first come-first served).
  3. A signed, limited edition art print every six months (first 100 members only, so please be one of them!)
  4. A 30% discount on all artworks and paid events that I create in the future
  5. A limited edition, numbered signed welcome postcard:

But the main reason to be a member should be:

I like what you do, JPF, and the world needs more of it.

If that’s good enough: well, crumbs, thank you.

Unlocking for others

As well as the members-only perks, your membership supports the production of projects that I want to make available publicly.

Be Drawn (series 2)
Online drawing collaborations
Portraits of the artist in a _____
Make your own books
Be Drawn (series 1)
Figure of John-Paul Flintoff, sketched as if walking beneath an underpass near Rochester, with heading "The Famous Pilgrim Landmark"
Desktop Pilgrimage
Cicero and his admirers
Festival of Rhetoric
Can crockery help conversations?
From shirt to Y-fronts
A map to solve all problems
Crowdfunding a novel
Poses, with instructions and benefits

Other projects I share publicly have included several pop-up, limited-time newsletter series: Everyday Writing, Great Speeches of the 20th Century, Alt Text Challenge and How To Change The World: 10 Years On.

Together, these comprise a way to blow up ideas into something bigger. As you follow along, I hope it will be like looking into a notebook of work-in-progress on future books and essays.


Upcoming. Livestreams take place on the second Tuesday of the month, at 12.30pm and 7pm UK time. I’ll email Zoom details in advance.

The idea is for me to share work in progress. You can hide in the background and send messages in the chat, and if you miss it you can watch a replay.

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Twice-Yearly Reviews, Monthly News

I’m leaving the first Reviews open to non-members to get a sense of what Adequate Projects is about. Click the picture to read.

Q4, Dec 2021
Q2, July 2021

As above, I’m leaving the first open to non-members to get a sense of what Adequate Projects is about.

Sunset Over Prospect Place
Nov 2022
July 2022
Tiny Breakthrough With The Potaias.jpg
June 2022
John-Paul Flintoff, Roman Krznaric, John Armstrong, Tom Chatfield, Philippa Perry and Alain de Botton at TSOLlive
May 2022
Apr 2022
Feb 2022
Jan 2022
Dec 2021
Hazy drawing of roadside fruit shop with blue awning, stacked crates outside with bright stripes of colour depicting different fruits, smudged interior, person walking by with a shopping trolley. (Alt Text courtesy of NJ.)
Nov 2021
Oct 2021
Aug 2021
Jul 2021

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Art Prints

As a yearly or lifetime member you will receive one A5 art print from me every six months. (If you haven’t received it, let me know!)

You also get 30% off any other artwork, including original commissions.

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Office Hours Calendar

New members, old-timers: I love to meet you, say hello, and talk about anything you like. I’ve created a Calendly page just for Adequate Projects members, so you can book a one-to-one with me.

I’m unsure how long I’ll be able to do this as the membership grows, but there should be enough slots to go round, for now – if you don’t book more than one session in advance. The Calendly page is here.

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Whizzy Group

The Whizzy Group was a small group of people supporting each other in getting good work into the world. We met online every Wednesday lunchtime (UK), for periods of three months at a time, with months off in April, August and December.

The Whizzy Group started before Adequate Projects, and it was invitation-only. If I decide to revive it, I’ll offer places to former participants and Adequate Project members first.

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Thank you for reading.
Please tell me if there’s anything that stands out, or just say hello.
jp at this domain name


For now, that’s all I can tell you.

Join ADEQUATE PROJECTS as a yearly (£100), or lifetime (£1,200) member.

Thank you.

Some questions you may have

Why “Adequate”?

Because the word amused me when I came up with the title of A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech, and it still amused me when I used it for An ADEQUATE Podcast.

It doesn’t mean “rubbish”. It means good enough – and good enough is good enough.

Wasn’t this previously called SPECIAL PROJECTS?

Yes. I needed to call it something, and I was following closely the model provided by somebody else. At the end of my first year, I told the person in question that I’d copied the name and general structure of his Special Projects, and he was fine about it. You’ll do it your own way, he said.

All the same, I said I would change the name (done) and that I would write something acknowledging his influence (not done yet).

Is it easy to unsubscribe?

Yes, instantly. Just send me an email. No hard feelings. I don’t want anybody unhappy.

Are my payment details safe?

Absolutely. I don’t see any of your details, and nor does anyone else. Payment goes through Paypal (Yearly subscriptions) or direct to my bank (Lifetime).

I’ve never heard of you, just landed here. What should I read to get a sense of whether this is something I’d like?

I wouldn’t sign up either yet!

I recommend that you read carefully through what you find on this page, and about Me, In Brief. Take a look at some of my Books and Essays. Listen to my ADEQUATE podcast.

If you like what you find, I hope you’ll come back.