Between Hand-made Books and "Proper" Publishing

On the one hand, there are home-made prototype books (which I love to make). On the other hand, there are “proper” books, published by proper publishers.

I’d like to point out that there’s also something in between: a printed booklet, designed and uploaded by me (or you, or anybody) for a professional printer to turn into something splendid.

This week, I created and uploaded for printing a limited edition of 50 copies of a booklet, containing 36 pages of illustrations. I had an email from the printer asking me to check something on the proof – and I decided to record myself as I did so.

I hope you find it useful, and or interesting.

For clarity, here (below) is a screenshot of the webpage you can see in that film. The files listed on the left are what I uploaded. The observation “mirror bleed added” refers to the process I mention at 5 mins 38 secs.

Screenshot of Mixam layout (Childs Hill Booklet).jpg

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