Bus To Brent Cross, October

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As seen from the junction with Finchley Road. Sketch on back of envelope, subsequently coloured on iPad.

I’m thrilled by people’s response, on Facebook and Instagram:


What a great pic – Rachel Krish

So vibrant – Annie Catford

Stunning!! – Jan Rushton

Loving the mixed media – Hayley Molesworth

I love it but it also makes me feel unbearably sad, testament to how good it is! – Annalisa Barbieri

I like the bus particularly. The lights are v authentic… evoking for me the comforting memory of the journey home on a dark and wet night. V familiar feeling from my past. – Eleanor Bailey

Love it! I remember the day Brent X opened! – Camille Sharma

Oh I really like this – Laura Goodhart

Stunning! – Laura Marcel


Drawn on iPad, using the Procreate app.

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