"Sunset Over Finchley Road (from side street)"

Sunset over Finchley Road, seen from side street.

I’m drawing a series of Londscapes (London landscapes), for a book I’m also writing. Some show famous places, others not. This is from Childs Hill, where I live.

The buildings at the end are a corner shop and a Costa coffee shop.

Signed A4 print for sale.

Drawn with ink on paper, and digital painting on Procreate.
Printed on textured Hahnemuhle paper with archival ink.

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1 ↩︎ What is Ordo? I hadn’t heard of Ordo until I happened to sit next to one of the founders at a fundraising event where I was invited to show some pictures, which I’d drawn during my stay in psychiatric hospital (I know, right!, bet you didn’t see that coming).

I liked her and was curious to find out about Ordo, so I looked it up online and liked the sound of it. The fee is just 20p per transaction (plus VAT, so 24p). Over the last year and a half, PayPal’s fee has been, on average, more than £2 per transaction. Stripe isn’t much different, and Stripe also holds the money for a couple of days. (There may be a way to change that but I find Stripe terrifyingly complicated.)

Anyway, like I said, this is an experiment. So far, it seems to be working nicely. But you should probably check out Ordo for yourself.