Use A Smartphone to Colour Your Line Drawings

Does everybody do this already? I have no idea.

I sometimes feel like I’m “cheating” by colouring sketches on my iPhone, rather than going home and setting up an easel and “suffering for my art” by slaving away for hours with slow-to-dry oil paints, and teeny tiny brushes, or whatever.

The fact is, I just prefer the work to be quick, and I like the wonky, non-photorealistic quality of my drawings and paintings – even the ones I actually paint, with oil or other physical substance.

To be clear: I much prefer to use Procreate, a paid-for app on my iPad with vastly more to it, but when I’m wandering around and sketching I don’t tend to have the iPad with me.

(Mind you, I often continue the kinds of things you can see in the video, below, on the iPad when I get home.)



Why am I telling you this? Because the best way to stop feeling furtive or ashamed of something, I have found, is to be open about it.

So: watch the video to see how I use my smart phone to colour line drawings when I’m out and about. You may want to do the same.

In fact, you may possibly do it already.

PS. I imagine that other smart phones have a similar function, but I have no idea – perhaps you could leave a comment to let me know…?