Edward The First | Vogue Editor on the Observer Magazine

This week in the Observer Magazine, I read about the editor of Vogue, Edward Enninful, who was described on the cover as the most important man in fashion.

Inside the magazine was an interview.

The writer started with a story about Enninful turning up for work for the first time after he’d been appointed. This introductory passage turned out to be a great example of something I very much enjoy: the trundling, seemingly unremarkable opening that ends with a twist that makes you sit up.

The twist, in this instance, was that the new, dark-skinned editor of Vogue was assumed by a white person at the front of the building to be something much less eminent, and directed to a separate entrance for deliveries.

Anyway, having read the rest of the interview, and feeling warmly towards Enninful, I decided to draw a copy of the magazine cover.