Journalism by John-Paul Flintoff

My work has been published in The Observer, The Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Wallpaper*, High Life, Medium – and elsewhere.

Books can be found here

The archive on this website is big, overwhelmingly big. I set it up early in the millenium, when newspapers I worked for hadn’t yet created digital archives.

My plan is to work through it all, and share the best of it – as well as writing things that are entirely new. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading some of these:

FIRST PERSON: Successful To Psychiatric Patient (For the Irish Independent)
PROFILE: Don't Back Boris (Failed attempt to avoid disaster, Sunday Times Magazine)
TRAVEL: Getting By In Kiev (Wallpaper* Magazine)
LIFE STORIES (Writing obituaries for The Times and others)
Harold Pinter
INTERVIEW: Rebel Without A. . . [Pause]. (Lunch With The FT)
COMIC STRIP (Interview for The Guardian)
Are You The Right Man For The Job FT Magazine Cover.jpg
BUSINESS: Faking A Psychometric Test (Financial Times Magazine)
ADVENTURE: Hunting Python In The Everglades (The Economist)