Journalism by John-Paul Flintoff

Many of the essays below were previously published in The Observer, The Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Wallpaper*, High Life, Medium – and elsewhere.

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This archive is big, overwhelmingly big. I set up this site early in the millenium, when the newspapers I wrote for didn’t seem to be archiving my writing. (Hah!)

My plan is to work through it all, and share the best of it in a new form – as well as writing things that are entirely new, on Substack, Think Like A Journalist.

Why publish in a newsletter?

Good question. Why not just post it here on my website? Well, I’m increasingly drawn to writing in a way that isn’t entirely public.

Partly that’s for me: I don’t always want to share everything with everyone. But also for you, dear reader, because many people don’t leave comments or reply to public posts but do reply to emails. I like to incorporate your observations and queries as I go along.

Naturally, I won’t mind if you don’t reply, or even read what I send.

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