"Max's House, Childs Hill"

I’m drawing a series of Londscapes (London landscapes), for a book I’m also writing. Some show famous places, others not. This is a view from Childs Hill Walk, near where I live.

Max is a boy who lives near me, in one of the houses on the right. Sometimes we run into each other in the morning. Max asks what my name is. I tell him. He asks what my dog is called. Peanut, I say. Usually, Max asks what we are going to do today. I tell him.

He doesn’t remember my answers, but that’s fine, because it gives me the chance to tell him again next time. Our encounters are unfailingly cheerful. Here’s to Max.

A4 Giclee print for sale.
Archival inks on textured Hahnemuhle paper.
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Alt Text Challenge

As part of a separate project, I’m challenging subscribers to my newsletter to provide “Alt Text” to a series of pictures.

Alt Text is used to describe online images to people with visual impairment – to say what the picture shows, and to give a sense of its “feel”.

The first picture in the Alt Text Challenge is this one, of Max’s House.

Here are some of the entries:

The garden at the back of Max’s house slopes down Child’s Hill. The fences that are streaked green with lichen enclose the glorious tree dappled in 50 shades of green.

Coloured drawing of a large side-facing house, with a green, sun-dappled garden shaded by leafy trees, bordered by wooden fences, sketched outlines of neighbouring houses behind.

Computer-“painted” fenced back garden in partial sunlight, with a shed and a couple of trees and on the right, the house. Beyond the further fence there are line-drawn houses.

Coloured sketch of a small, lawned city garden, dominated by two large trees. The trees are deep green and solid, in comparison with sparsely drawn buildings. The only permanent residents.

The house stood at the top of a sloping lawn, where two trees had been planted several years ago. It looked neglected, its empty windows dark with longing.

A modern painting of a traditional suburban house with a front lawn and two deciduous trees, surrounded by a wooden fence.

A mainly green watercolour of a period house with a sloping, fenced lawn in dappled shade; 2 more simple line sketched houses stand beyond the distant fence.