"Strong Family Resemblance" | Six Pictures, Four Frames

“I would love your version of these,” wrote D.S. “They have been in front of me all the time I have been writing the book about my father.”

This post is part of a series, showing drawings of other people’s treasured photos.


Drawn entirely on iPad, using the Procreate app. I sent the finished version to D.S., who replied:

Oh JP! You work so fast. It’s wonderful – particularly the central portrait. You have absolutely caught the sadness I feel about him.

I wondered how you would deal with black and white and am most impressed at how you have introduced colour and used the reflections to make flat pictures live.

The man slipped into the central frame is T.‘s father – quite a strong family resemblance I think.

These photos have been constantly above my desk for so long – it is wonderful to see them through your eyes. Thank you so very much.