"Nothing Funny Or Witty To Report" | Four Family Portraits

I have been drawing the pictures that hang on people’s walls.

This one is based on a photo sent to me by L. G., with the explanation you can read below:

Four photos of my family amongst a collection of landscapes.

Top left: a blissful childhood holiday to North Wales. Below: me on a swing. Next: the family around 1980 and finally all the cousins and offspring, the only time we have ever all been together. The babe in arms has just graduated with a degree in Politics.

Nothing funny or witty to report. Apart from my evident experimenting with mount board proportions when I framed some of them myself at evening class.


Unlike others I’ve done this week, I started this on paper with pencil and ink, then added digital effects (the reflection of light in the glazed frame on the bottom right). I sent the finished version to L. G., who replied:

Thank you. That’s incredible. What an amazing thing to do. So much to learn from the way you’ve tackled it.
Thank you thank you.
Yes please to buying a print from you.