Stitching A Book (Scroll) For Noah

Letter to Noah re scroll book.jpg

Here’s How I Built The Scroll Book

I started by printing off all the pages, nine on each piece of paper, running from left to right, top to bottom.

Then I separated each row, using scissors.


Glueing Them All Together

Using glue, I made a great long strip.


Glue Isn’t Enough

But glue doesn’t hold very well if you keep rolling and unrolling your scroll. So I stitched over each connecting part, joining one row to the next, using a mix of cotton and golden thread.

(I thought you might like the gold: I remember that you visited that exhibition at the British Library about gold in illustrated books.)

It wasn’t a very complicated stitch. I just went in and out, in and out, and back again.

You can see that the process of stitching crumpled the paper a bit. Like I told you before, I don’t aim to make things perfect! Wonky is just fine.


Rolling It Up

Finally, I rolled up my scroll. And I wound some of that golden thread around it, to stop it automatically unravelling.

By the time you read this, you should have received the scroll in the post. Do whatever you like with it – draw on it, write additional text, anything!

I hope this is helpful. Perhaps you’ll want to make your own scroll book?