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Pictures of people and places with stories

Portrait of a Booker Prize-winning author

I’m making a lot of literary art right now.

I met the author Shehan Karunatilaka, pictured here typing.

Portrait of an Oscar-winning actor

In lockdown, I drew a series of portraits online. One of the subjects was Olivia Colman.

On TV with Philippa Perry

The best-selling author and psychotherapist invited me to Paris, to make Surrealist art for a BBC documentary.

A history of art in 81 self-portraits

I drew a speccy version of myself into major artworks, just because.

This one is based on Millais.

John-Paul Flintoff, painting on Hampstead Heath
Some background

I had a breakdown. I spent eight weeks in psychiatric hospital.
Making art was a big part of my recovery.

(Me, drawing on Hampstead Heath. Daily Telegraph)

"Schoolboy artist brushes success" Local newspaper, showing John-Paul Flintoff aged 14.
At 14, I won a prize for an oil painting in a competition for adults. I thought I was all set to be an artist.

But a teacher put me off. I became a writer.

I wrote for newspapers and magazines

For years, I was on staff at the Financial Times and The Sunday Times.

I often wrote about art, and artists.

Now I illustrate my own books

I continue to write, and now make art too. This is one of my books.

Fifty pages of text, fifty pages of drawings.

I draw things that grab me.

This magnificent magnolia is on Platt’s Lane, near my home.

I particularly like urban landscapes.


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