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Previous episodes:

  1. Finding Your Own Style, and Sticking With It | Interview with James Mayhew
  2. How To Pull Off A Month-Long Creative Project
  3. "Everybody needs a jolly good listening to" | Interview with author Wendy Jones
  4. "I Thought I Didn't Need Supervision" | Interview with Jenny Rogers
  5. "When I'm On My Deathbed I'll Remember This"
  6. On The Pleasures Of Copying Out Great Writing By Hand
  7. A Guide To Being A Coachy Friendy Agenty Kind Of Person
  8. My First Wedding Speech: blow by blow, by Rebecca Twomey
  9. "It's A Sin To Bore For Jesus"
  10. Talking As Therapy, And Just Talking
  11. "Read It Aloud": an interview with voice artist Kris Dyer
  12. How To Do A Wedding Speech?
  13. What Happened To Brendan?
  14. How I Tried To Understand My Audience
  15. "You Were Almost Painfully Honest"
  16. Travel Writing: Things I've Tried
  17. Public Speaking: do it "all wrong" and still be good
  18. Save the world, one creative project at a time
  19. On Asking Good Questions
  20. The Sound of Silence

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