"Woof!" | ODC #8

Online Drawing Collaboration | JPF and Anna M

Today’s session was not recorded on video. Sorry about that.

We started by familiarising ourselves with Aggie.io, the online drawing tool thingy.

We made a few marks, most of which subsequently got hidden or deleted. And we settled on courage as our theme.

My dog Peanut inspired us to start. We created the wolf as a scary counterpoint, and devised a short dialogue.

Anna suggested that the wolf might even eat the sun itself, which greatly ramped up the scariness.

Quite a bit of mark-making got erased or undone, until towards the end, when the ticking of the clock required us to make marks and add colourful decorative elements in haste, without worrying if they were “good” or not.

We finished on time (of course).

Thank you Anna M.

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