"Wakes Up, Heart Racing" | ODC #10

Online Drawing Collaboration | JPF and Cath H

Cath said she’s no good at visual art. She wanted to use our collaboration to get clearer ideas about a scene in a book.

We used drawing to work out who was in the room, and what was in there with them – then to use the “props” to develop her narrative. Bear in mind that we started with a blank page.

You can see the finished drawing above. By clicking on the same picture below you’ll start a video recording of my session with Cath. Watch carefully, for tips on how drawing can help your own writing.

Click the video to start:

Afterwards, Cath sent this message:

Hi JP, great to see you (on Zoom) again. I really enjoyed it. What a fresh way to unblock writers block- by having fun!

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