"Three Portraits Of N.J.'s Dad"

I have been drawing the pictures that hang on people’s walls.

This one is based on a photo sent to me by N.J., with the explanation you can read below:

These pictures all feature my Dad.

He’s a boy in the first picture, a first-time father (with my Mum and me) in the second, and a bewildered husk in the third, with me and my two sisters almost literally just after my Mum left.

I think about his life a lot, and whether he’s happy with the way it’s turned out.

Either way, my sisters and I would be a big part of the reason, which might be why I’ve never asked him.


It gave me great pleasure to draw this. After I sent the finished version to N.J., she replied:

This is incredible. Thank you so very much. As Simon Cowell used to say so often, I don’t like it, I love it 😊