Easy Video in 10 Days / 4

Use footage of anything imaginable

Some time ago, a participant on one of my courses told me that when he was a boy he watched someone mess up on Live TV and felt astonished that the man smiled instead of (say) cringing or running away.

I was struck by the story Francis told me, and went away to find footage of the occasion he described.

I found it on YouTube: a perhaps forgotten snooker player making a mistake.

Here’s a <1 min YouTube Short of Francis telling me about that snooker player, Ray Readon.

And here’s a video showing work in progress on my iPad.

What would you look for?

Think of something you would like to tell your audience about.

Something that you might imagine is impossible to make a video about because you “don’t have the footage”.

Now, find the footage you need on YouTube or elsewhere and film the screen as I did.

Please don’t attempt to film it in such a way that you could ever be accused of nicking the copyright!

Make it obvious that you are filming a screen.

The point of the exercise is to demonstrate that you can show on your screen almost anything imaginable – you don’t need to own the original footage, if you see what I mean.

Now, inside Instagram, use that footage to make a reel, and record a voiceover to explain it.

There’s another reason I suggest you sometimes film a screen. But I’ll come to that in the next lesson.


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Till next time.


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