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Now, it’s time to make your first video.

As mentioned already, we’ll be using Instagram to make your videos, whether or not you post them there.



(I assume that you have already set up an Instagram account. If not, please do that now.)



Some people may know much what I’m about to say already. Others are just starting, so I want to be very clear.

Reels are what Instagram calls videos.

They can be made using video you shoot within Instagram, or with video you shot beforehand and saved to your phone.

In fact, you can make reels using STILL images – and that’s what I would like you to do now.

Any still image will do.

Instagram will turn that still image into a four-second clip. You can add text, and much else. But for now, just add text!


Watch Me Do It

I recorded a short video, so you can watch me doing it, step by step, on Instagram.

Watch Here.

Then make your own!

If you’re in the Telegram Group, please post yours there so we can see it.

Till next time.


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I strongly recommend that you do NO MORE than one lesson a day. This gives you time to absorb your own progress.

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