"A Kind Man" | Taking art into a hospice

Exterior of Two Poems, a gallery in Hampstead

This is a drawing of Two Poems, a gallery in Hampstead. You may have seen it in my Instagram stories a few weeks ago.

For three months now someone close to me has been in and out of hospital mixed wards, single rooms, intensive care, more wards, and a hospice.

The person in question was taught at school by Mary Spencer Watson, the British sculptor. We were quite amazed to see one of her works in the gallery – a piece that was actually made of walnut cut down in the school grounds and possibly handled in its raw state by the person in the hospice.

We went in and told the owner, and he spontaneously offered to let us take it into the hospice. No deposit, nothing – just sheer generosity.

We took it in and held it up at the end of the bed, and brought it up close to be touched.

The next day we took it back to Two Poems.

The owner shrugged off his kindness as nothing. But it was really something.