While Nobody Is Looking | Stained Glass Windows

While Nobody Is Looking

After I drew this, I was asked to write something about it. Here goes:

Sitting in church and staring – unavoidably – at the windows above the altar, I’m often struck by the lack of interaction between the three figures.

This week, I happened to bring my sketchbook (I tend to take it everywhere, to be honest), and it happened to be the week in which congregants were given coloured pencils to draw on cut-out paper fishes.

At the end of the service, as people filed out, I started sketching the windows. It wasn’t something I had planned, I was just doodling, with my own pen and some of the coloured pencils that were lying around.

The only thing I had in mind was to create some kind of interaction. And as I drew I discovered for myself the challenge that the original designers must have faced: if you have three figures, in separate windows, they can’t all interact equally.

Having started drawing on the left, then moved to the middle, I found that I had created interaction between John the Baptist and Jesus – and that John the Evangelist was going to look a bit left out unless I made him look especially cheerful and willing. So that’s what I tried to do.

Having started with pen and coloured pencils, I went home, took a photo of my drawing, and added colour digitally on my iPad.

Thank you Sheena for asking me to share it.