What Speechwriters Can Learn By Delivering A Speech

Quite A Testimonial, I Think You’ll Agree

I wrote this post on LinkedIn, originally.

Then president Barack Obama’s speechwriter Terry Szuplat shared my post, with these words:

“Learn, as I have, from John-Paul Flintoff. Highly recommend.”

I still feel dazed 😵‍💫.

Screenshot from LinkedIn. Source: tinyurl.com/Szuplat.

Even some of the best speechwriters [ I wrote ] have little experience of standing before an audience.

How do I know that? Because I met some of them, at a conference for speechwriters.

Of course, many people who write speeches don’t do it full-time, or often – just once in a while, between writing other kinds of material.

But until you find yourself in front of lots of faces – or camera lenses – what can you know about how the people you write for might deal with nerves, and react in real-time?

This could make it hard to feel credible, and to move on to more exciting speech-writing roles.

In October, the European Speechwriter Network Conference will provide a day-long training session for speechwriters to practice speech-making in a safe space, where you can make mistakes and try things.

By stepping into the speaker’s shoes, you’ll gain greater credibility, authority and reputation – as well as a network of speechwriting allies.

I’ll be running that session. But I realise that some people may not be able to make it – so I’m running this hour-long online taster on LinkedIn first (recording below).

Who knows, if you like it you may decide to come to the Hague after all.

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30 mins, 40 secs