"Marc Died On Christmas Day" | Pictures On S.'s Wall

I have been drawing family pictures that really mean something to somebody.

This drawing is based on a single photo taken by S., of the wall above his desk at home.


S. wrote an explanation to go with the picture. I’ve changed the names, because too many initials would be confusing:

Black frame has a favourite photo of my wife, Sonya., but slid into the frame are two other pics. On the right, my sister Teresa and her husband Marc, on the day their son James was born. And on the left me and Teresa as young children. They were added at the end of last year because Marc died on Christmas Day, just a month after a lung cancer diagnosis, leaving my sis a widow and their son without his Dad.

Above that is a photo taken in Venice 21 years ago, just after I had proposed to Sonya.

And above that, is the bottom of a big grid of family photos that I was given as a birthday present some years ago, featuring our two children; Marly on the left, and Ollie, in one of their many creepy halloween face paints, on the right. Me with them both in the middle.

Each side is a mish-mash of other stuff, sitting on two very exotic carved and gilded french wall brackets, which came to me from my French great-grandmother, Georgina.

I loved drawing this. It was such an interesting mix of shapes, colours and stories.

Thank you, S.