"Mountains With Cherubs" | ODC #6

Online Drawing Collaboration | JPF and Joel Levack

It was my idea to use today’s session to design a mug.

I wanted it to include five roundels, giving something different to look at from every angle. And I wanted decorative elements from traditional chinaware – dots, and fleur de lys.

I thought at first it might be blue-and-white china, as this 30 second taster from our session shows:

You may be wondering what papier-mache things Joel is talking about. I’ll post something about those soon.

As you have seen already, in the picture at the top, my blue-and-white idea didn’t work out.

To see how we ended up with the yellow-on-red cherubs, which Joel previously put on a tea towel he designed, and why there are coloured circles within circles over Joel’s mountain painting, you’ll need to watch the whole video:

Special edition: buy the finished mug

Mountainscape with cherubs” enamel mug

Special edition mug designed by John-Paul Flintoff and Joel Levack.

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