"Blue Plaque, Blenheim Crescent"

The house with the blue plaque is the childhood home of Anne K. It’s one street away from where I grew up.

I’m drawing a series of Londscapes (London landscapes), for a book I’m also writing.

I sketched the original on paper, took a photograph, then added colour digitally on my iPad, using a gouache brush on Procreate.

A4 Giclee print for sale.
Archival inks on textured Hahnemuhle paper.
£47 including postage

Email my office for the payment link.

Thank you.


Alt Text Challenge

As part of a limited-time pop-up daily newsletter, I challenged readers to provide Alt Text for this image (to describe it in approx 30 words, for people who can’t see pictures online). One of the fastest entries was this:

A bright spring day with flowering pink cherry trees and a deep blue sky. Cars are parked by a Victorian terrace with a blue plaque denoting some claim to fame.

One of the things I found so exciting about that first series of the Alt Text Challenge was discovering the tiny differences people find in the same image. (In this case, seeing spring rather than autumn.)

I’ll definitely do more Alt Text Challenges at some point.