"Liesl, With A Rabbit" | Two pictures for F.H.

“These photos appear in the book I have just written,” wrote F.H., in an email to me. “The girl with a rabbit is my grandmother, Liesl, in her garden in what is now the Czech Republic.”

I drew the photos:

This post is part of a series, showing drawings of other people’s treasured photos.

“The second picture also features Liesl as a much younger girl, sitting on the floor. Her parents are far left of the picture, her mother seated and father standing behind her. I imagine that the other people could be family as one of the men looks similar to my great-grandfather, so could be his brother.

“They were on holiday at a spa town called Marienbad, also in what is today the Czech Republic. Liesl was born in 1903, so I would date the photos at around 1910 and 1915/6.”


Drawn entirely on iPad, using the Procreate app.