Chris Glynn demonstrates iPad animation

Chris Glynn is a brilliant and funny illustrator who is also a great teacher. Recently, in exchanges on Instagram, I asked how he creates his animations.

He offered to show me.

This film (below), captured from a screenshare on Zoom, starts with me laughing at an animation he’d already prepared using one of my own drawings – part of a series in which I insert myself in classic paintings – the one at the top of this page, an homage to Lowry.

As well as Lowry, Chris had also gone ahead and animated my raids on Hockney and Dufy. If you keep watching he takes me through the whole process.

At the end, Chris shares some of his own animations, which again elicit much laughing out loud, and I raise with him the idea of doing live online demos of this kind as a type of shared “exhibition”.


I recommend clicking on the video to watch full screen.

For more about Chris, visit his website