Just About Holding It Together | Postcards

In which I take off-cuts from the bin, to make something for somebody who might just like that

“You have plenty… use what you have.”

This can be hard to believe, but it’s a recipe for finding gold in dust.

In 2010, I published a book, Sew Your Own, telling how I made my own clothes out of unlikely things – such as nettles, for the underpants.

(I know!)

Then I trained in impro, the theatrical discipline that sends you out there with nothing but what you already have.

When Sew Your Own came out, I met Fenella Rouse. Fenella recently asked to buy one of the customised postcards I’ve been posting about recently. They’re line drawings of me in my first group therapy session in psychiatric hospital.

As with the others, I could have added colour (pen, paint, ink, wax crayon blah blah) but since this was Fenella I thought I’d add stitching instead.

I took from the waste paper bin offcuts from a ‘3D’ thing I posted the other day and stitched them together.

It might look scrappy to you, but to me the plain white bookbinding thread adds a rich layer of metaphor.

Thanks Fenella!

PS. This is the 3D thing: