"Evelyn Underhill's Grave, Hampstead"

I’m drawing a series of Londscapes (London landscapes), for a book I’m also writing. I asked for places to sketch and S.G. replied:

Right now, my favourite place is Evelyn Underhill’s grave. Her writing is speaking more and more to me. I love the fact that she came to Christianity through mysticism.

The burial ground where she is buried is a beautiful place in all seasons. Right now in summer walking up to her grave through the long grass and wild flowers feels like a pilgrimage and you have to wait to see the grave. And as you walk towards it it does feel like one of those thin places where heaven and earth are close together. The new ledger stone on her grave is beautiful, especially after the rain when it captures the clouds, and the surrounding trees and the light.

There is a lovely white rose behind her grave planted on the 50th anniversary of her death and on the other side of the path two beautiful roses in pink and white. And then almost behind her grave is the grave of Ernest Chitty. His ledger stone has the words “poet priest pacifist” and a quote from TS Eliot. I imagine Evelyn Underhill and Ernest Chitty having good conversations.

Digital drawing, using gouache on Procreate.
Printed on textured Hahnemuhle paper with archival ink.

A4 Giclee print for sale.
Archival inks on textured Hahnemuhle paper.
£47 including postage

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