Easy Video in 10 Days / 7

What To Say in a voiceover

As an experiment, I urge you to watch a few videos by other people – and think carefully about them.

What parts of them stuck in your mind as unresolved?

It may not be a huge mystery, but ask yourself if the video raised some mystery, or mild curiosity.

What do I mean by this?

In the Telegram group recently, a part of my mind was snagged by Charmian’s baking. I became curious about how it would turn out. I’d quite like to see it when it comes out of the oven – and also to see certain chickens she mentioned.

Another member of the group, Lou, made a video showing a book of her grandfather’s art that has just come into her hands. I want to know how (and why) she just got that book – why now?

And a third member, Fiona mentioned driving in Spain. I want to know what Fiona’s trip is like – and will it rain all the way?

The point of the exercise:

I want you to note your own (even mild) curiosity about other people’s videos so that you can be better at guessing what viewers of your own videos might want to see next.

What might they want to know?

Come up with a simple question that may well be in the mind of your viewer.

Film yourself doing Whatever It Is You Do, and add text to ask that question.

You see that I have asked questions that I suppose might be in YOUR mind right now.


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Till next time.


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