John-Paul Flintoff


Change the world

Do you want to do something exciting, creative, risky? Do you help others to do that kind of thing?

I run a small group for like-minded people looking to make a dent in the world. Click the link to find out more.

I also offer mentoring for individuals. But one-to-one work is strictly limited.

For details, please email me.

“JP is outstanding in his approach to coaching, and the outcomes we created through our conversations were breathtaking. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take the time and invest in the possibility of wonderful learning and life-changing outcomes” – Chrissy Levett, creative director and social entrepreneur

coaching 2

Dealing with crisis

I also mentor people going through a time of difficulty – because I know how crippling that can be.

Please note that for this work I don’t accept new clients directly. See this.

“You took the talk somewhere I had not expected. As a CEO, people don’t challenge me directly, but you pushed and challenged me in a way I’ve not had for years. I’ve learned a lot” – Grahame Hindes, CEO

“I still value our last conversation so much – it’s helped me focus on unloading a whole bunch of life baggage to unlock my creativity side” – Helen Caton Hughes, leadership and coaching

Coaching 3

This isn’t therapy

Coaching and mentoring is about making things happen. Emotion is welcome, and probably necessary. But I don’t provide therapy.

As you may have seen elsewhere on this site, I have many hours of individual and group therapy behind me (as patient). Naturally, I consider this to be an advantage.

“You coached me out of a hopeless rut in my life. The big thing was to teach me to value delight over duty. That liberated me so much” – Sophie Howarth, entrepreneur

“John-Paul spoke my language. He helped me get out of my own way. He made me even more confident – no mean feat!” – Michael Obiora, actor