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How to describe what I do when I’m coaching? A tricky question.

Three panel illustration of speccy man thinking

Factors to consider:

- How to get across the variety of ways in which I might use creative practices – writing, illustration, performance – without knowing which of those will be right for any particular person I work with?

- How to convey the benefits for the person being coached, when I don’t even know who they are yet, or what they’re looking for?


I remembered something I was told when I did my coaching training.

Illustration of a woman explaining to speccy man "The Life Purpose is...."

If that applies to me, it applies just as much to the people I work with.

My job, when I’m coaching, is to help people find their own purpose, and live it.



JP is outstanding in his approach to coaching, and the outcomes we created through our conversations were breathtaking. I wholeheartedly recommend... wonderful learning and life-changing outcomes
Chrissy Levett
John-Paul spoke my language. He helped me get out of my own way. He made me even more confident - no mean feat!
Michael Obiora
I thought, maybe we can make a little headway and you, like, ballooned it and it was, wow, what have we got?! You have some kind of magic there
Liz Blaxell
You took the talk somewhere I had not expected. As a CEO, people don't challenge me directly, but you pushed and challenged me in a way I've not had for years. I've learned a lot
Grahame Hindes
I still value our last conversation so much – it’s helped me focus on unloading a whole bunch of life baggage to unlock my creative side
Helen Caton Hughes
You coached me out of a hopeless rut in my life. The big thing was to teach me to value delight over duty. That liberated me so much
Sophie Howarth



If you are curious about coaching, you’ll need to take the first step. It may feel a bit scary, but you’ll survive! jp at this domain name