A Positive Focus on Last Week

Postive focus on last week 31 july 2023.jpg

Posting for accountability to self. But for context, should you
a) happen to be reading this and
b) not be me.


I just finished being a participant on a three-week group course led by John Spencer Williams. I joined to get myself into action on running a course of my own. It worked.

My course is designed for people who want to make one good video for a website or social, know they should, but dread being on camera.

Amazing how joining a course really does get me (and then the people in my own pilot group) into action.


I regularly listen to Behavior Gap Radio, a podcast by Carl Richards. In a recent episode, Carl mentioned somebody I’ve not previously come across called Dan Sullivan (have I been living under a rock?).

Anyway, Carl spoke so warmly about Dan Sullivan’s books that I went and downloaded one of them straight away. (Link to the book on Amazon.)

Specifically, I got the audiobook, but it provided links to downloadable sheets with coaching questions.

I like the sheets very much, but confess that I have a lifelong itch to redesign that kind of thing in my own handwriting. And that’s what I’ve done here.

Let nobody think I’m nicking the idea – it’s Dan Sullivan’s! Buy his books! Listen to Carl’s podcast! Follow John!


Anyway, I’m posting in the image (above) what I’ve written so far, today, but shall keep to myself what I write in the remaining spaces.

Thanks for looking – even if you do turn out to be me. Your attention is precious, as Menka says (link to Twitter).